Hungry Eyes

Hungry Eyes, a fresh dog food brand in Bangalore, India; owned & operated by ALT Partners, Nandini & Soubhik since 2022.

We, have always fed fresh food to our own dogs & the dogs under our care. Everything we know about, feeding dogs home cooked food, comes from our own experiences as dog owners and from the learnings of experienced pet parents. Along the way of our beautiful life with canine companions, came a few dogs, who were a bit more challenging. Where we seeked help and learnt a lot more from canine professionals like trainers, sitters & shelters who care for multiple dogs a day. 

Our Approach

We enjoy cooking simple dog food with meat chunks, with care. 

Easy to handle, easy on the eyes, easy on their tummy.

Why Hungry Eyes Fresh Dog Food

If you are looking for dog food with meat chunks, Hungry Eyes is the place for you.

Our focus:

Dog food with meat chunks, for a dog’s mental simulation.

Dog food that is easy to handle, even for dog owners who do not consume meat.


What Matters To Us

The trust a customer has in Hungry Eyes, is not taken lightly. We work towards consistency in every dog food product we introduce.

Quality of food that gets dispatched from our kitchen. Our food is not only meant for immediate consumption but also for storage for multiple days. This is considered generously, at every step of food preparation & delivery.