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Chicken Neck

Chicken neck for dogs are amongst the most natural supplement for glucosamine, calcium proteins. Feeding chicken neck to your puppy is also a convenient way to keep the teeth clean and mouths odour free; imagine reducing the number of time their teeth need to brushed as part of their grooming routine.


Chicken Liver for

Our baked dried chicken liver for dogs are chewy with a smell your pupper will follow.  They will burry their nose in their snuffle mat with our chicken liver treats. A serving of our liver chunks for dogs, contains nearly double the nutrients found in a serving of muscle meat. Hence, the small portions of […]


Chicken Gizzard for

Chicken gizzard for dogs is yet another low fat natural dog treats. Other than being high in protein, zinc, vitamin B12 and iron, it also has glucosamine  and cartilage. All these facts makes chicken gizzard, the best natural joint supplement for dogs. Our cooked chicken gizzard for dogs is low in fat, yet high in […]


Chicken Feet for

Chicken feet for dogs are great for their joint health, due to the natural glucosamine present in the organ. A widely recommended supplement for dog’s with arthritis and hip dysplasia. Making them a natural glucosamine chews for dogs. Chicken feet are also natural choice for dog owners looking for collagen dog chews. There is a […]