Fresh dog food delivery, Bangalore.


Human Grade Ingredients

Fresh meals for dogs, made from human grade ingredients.


Dog food cooked with care. Enjoyed by pets & Trusted by pet owners.

Prompt Delivery

Fresh dog food delivery with same-day* delivery option.

Why Hungry Eyes

We deliver freshly cooked dog food, that your pup will enjoy and you will find convenient to handle. Creating a feed time, that’s just as special as the bond you share with your canine companion.

Our commitment lies in these key differentiators:

Quality Ingredients

Crafted with utmost care, our fresh meals for dogs boast human-grade ingredients, that are visible to you and ensure optimal nutrition for your pooch with wholesome meat & veggies to bite into.

Single Protein

Our fresh dog food menu offers single protein meals. The bone broths, organ meats & only meats for pets are all individual protein options, making it easy to choose foods for sensitive pets.

Food Texture & Smell

We have crafted our cooked dog food with key focus on mental stimulation, jaw strength & nose work. The meats, organs & vegetables, are cut into cubes or diced, allowing your dog to bite into their food & engage all their senses. This makes our food visually appealing to the human & easy to handle.

Swift & Reliable Delivery

Experience the convenience of ordering fresh dog food online with same day delivery option. Small orders often gets dispatched the same day. Larger orders, get dispatched in 2 days.

Hungry Eyes Fresh Dog Food Reviews

We believe that the relationship with a dog is based on love, trust and respect, with food as a prime enabler. Hungry Eyes – fresh dog food, you can trust to feed your canine companion.

Ashish MishraAshish Mishra
00:05 13 Jan 24
We initially tried HungryEyes as Oreo had started getting bored of her earlier food subscription from elsewhere. Now she just loves her food as she can't wait for it to be served and does not leave a speck behind on her bowl. She is happier, healthier and more energetic after introducing her to the "chicken with grain" ready-to-eat packets from HungryEyes. Also the owners Soubhik and Nandini are most sensitive to customer needs - they took the time to help us work out our requirements which was superb.
Vivas NandaKumarVivas NandaKumar
12:28 03 Jan 24
Met Hungry eyes at a community event and they are amazing, dog loving people who really care about what they are doingTheir food is nutritious and delivered on time. Definitely a must have on their contact books for any pet owners and I highly recommend them.
Sudha MeruvaSudha Meruva
04:58 25 Nov 23
Thank you Soubhik and Nandini. You have been a blessing to pet parents like me who want to give their pets healthy food. My Maltese is very picky when it comes to food and he transitioned to your chicken meal unbelievably seamlessly and loves it. We tried many fresh recipes but hungry eyes was the answer.
Ramya RajuRamya Raju
03:59 25 Nov 23
Both my dogs relish your food… and it feels like heaven ….. please please do not downgrade your quality work for any reasons … ❤️I heard about Hungry eyes pet food when we adopted Shakthi when she was 3 months old. Shakthi is now 9 months old. And Savi is 6 years old. And we have been using Hungry Eyes pet food on and off from 6 months. There is not even a single bit which gets wasted or left in the bowl. Both my dogs love it and the best part is that it is freshly cooked and it is made the way your pet prefers - with or without grain. I have always used without grain and it suits my dogs. The blend of veggies and meat food has improved the health and life of my dogs. Being a pure vegetarian it was always difficult for me to cook/prepare good nourishment food for my dogs. Thank god I can now blindly trust “Hungry Eyes”. Love your product Soubhik ! Please keep up the quality like you have always done ❤️
Namrata FichadiaNamrata Fichadia
16:33 22 Nov 23
Awesome food and quality for my kids. My kid Shih Tzu loves the chunk meals to chew through. Well crafted meals thats signifies the name. Soubhik and Nandini are very kind and accommodate all the modifications in food. Best part is they take the feedback positively which is in best interest of the pets and that too all the time. Selfless customer experience by HE team. Thanks both.
Rohan VatsRohan Vats
16:29 15 Oct 23
Top notch dog food. It took a while for us to find a dog food provider that is high in nutrition as well as quality. Hungry eyes met all standards. Order placement and delivery was also taken care well. Context: we get food for our 3 year old shihtzu. Thanks for the consistency in quality and service Soubhik.
Shalu VijayakrishnanShalu Vijayakrishnan
08:02 14 Oct 23
Came across Hungry eyes few months ago while googling places that deliver home made dog food and tried them out. Has been a constant customer since.Really happy with the quality of the meat and other ingredients they put into the meals. Also packaging is done as per your meal quantity requirements which make it very convenient.Max loves their meal and treats and I can give him these without worry of compromising the quality. Soubhik has been always reachable and really helpful with regards to placing and dispatching orders. Overall Hungry eyes have now become my go to place for ordering food for my dog.Totally recommend to other pet parents looking for good quality home made food for your fur babies.Many thanks to the whole team of Hungry eyes for the good work 😊

Ordering Fresh Dog Food With Hungry Eyes

Feeding the right quantity of food is important. Our fresh dog food feeding guide, will help you choose the right quantity of fresh meals for dogs. And our range of fresh dog food online.

Follow these straightforward steps to treat your pet to a meat based dog diet:

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Serve Freshly Crafted Food

Feeding Guide

Discover our feeding tips for a healthy and happy pet.


How to transition your dog from kibble to Hungry Eyes fresh dog food?

Day 1-3: Start by replacing 25% of the current feed with Hungry Eyes fresh dog food, during each meal time.

Day 4-7: Increase this quantity to 50% of the current feed.

Day 8 onwards: You could feed a 100% of Hungry Eyes fresh dog food.

Please note the above is a basic guideline, most dogs take to fresh foods instantly. For those dogs who will take longer, simply increase the time period of transition.

When you adopt a rescued dog, it is difficult to know what they were eating before getting home to you. In this case it is easier to start them on fresh food. It may take a week to 10 days for their system to settle. So expect loose stools during this period.

How to decide the quantity of fresh food to feed your dog?

We have a feeding guideline you could refer to based on your dog’s weight.

From what age onwards can you feed a puppy fresh dog food?

You can start feeding a puppy fresh food, from the age of 2 months onwards, until then, it is best for the puppy to be on their mother’s milk.

How to store Hungry Eyes fresh dog food?

Our dog food needs to be refrigerated. The use by date will be mentioned for refrigerating and freezing our food on the label. 

If there is no use by date for freezing, please only refrigerate. This applies to our organ meats & chews which do not require freezing.

How to serve Hungry Eyes fresh meals for dogs?

For freezer storage

Please note the best thawing practise for food safety:

Shift the food pack from freezer to refrigerator 24-36 hours prior to feed time.

For refrigerator storage

You can always serve the food directly out of the refrigerator onto their bowl.

For a warm dining experience  

Please transfer the food from the vacuum sealed pack to a microwave safe container and heat the food for 30 to 90 seconds, depending on the quantity of food. 

If you have chosen our food box, you can take the lid off the box and put the food box in with the food into the microwave for heating.

If you would like to avoid warming up the food in the microwave, please keep the food out of the refrigerator (in room temperature) for 30-60 minutes before serving the food to your pup.

How long does the food remain fresh after opening the vacuum pack?

Once the vacuum seal is open, have the food consumed within 24-48hours. The food still needs to be refrigerated in an airtight container or sealed with a clip on the vacuum pack. This applies for our vacuum sealed food, both for meals & only meat category.

How can one carry the food during travel?

Our fresh dog food stays best only in an insulated ice box for a 3-4 hour drive. Once at your destination, have the food refrigerated. 

For a 5-8 hour trip, please pack in ice gel packs in the insulated ice box. Once at the destination, have the food refrigerated.

For longer journeys of 9-12 hours or more, if time permits, store the food in the freezer upon receiving the order. For the journey, pack in some ice gel packs in the insulated box. Once at your destination, have the food stored in the freezer.

Thaw the food as mentioned in point 5, for best practices of thawing any food.

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