Adopting an adult dog: BORN A DOG…ALWAYS A PUPPY

Discover the unique joys and surprises of embracing an adult canine companion, witnessing the charming blend of maturity and the enduring spirit of puppyhood.

This blog is about our experience of adopting an adult dog. An adult dog is above the age of 2 years and fully developed.

We were fortunate to have found Beauty – our dog, at CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre. He was approximately 4 years old when we adopted him.

Although, he was in the shelter for 3 years, it had no impact on his behaviour.

Beauty is a gentle soul… until he opens up to you & shows off his naughty puppy version and yet, an affectionate soul.

For us training Beauty was more to do with getting him used to living in a home. Having been in a shelter for so long, small things like stairs, vehicle noises or even living in an apartment with just two humans was all new to him.

Adopting an adult dog is similar to adopting puppies, the routines, boundaries, familiarisation to the home and family is still required and yet you get to see the puppy in them growing up. It was lovely to watch a different side of him with each passing day, week, month & year.

We wondered if we’d regret missing the puppy stage of our dog, since we were adopting an adult dog. But that’s the beauty of our canine companions .. they never age!

With Beauty, the more he got comfortable with us, the more he became a puppy, the more active he got, the more he ate, the more he manipulated us, the more his personality developed. The more he became a dog with us and we, became his pack.

We have no regrets, not being a part of his puppyhood, just happy to have him in our life.

Born a dog…always a puppy!!


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