Hand Feeding Your Dog

Discover the art of gradually transitioning from full meals to occasional hand-fed moments, fostering a bond built on trust and eliminating the risk of future food aggression.

One of the highly recommended course of action, for naturally building a rapport with your young puppy or new dog, is hand feeding your dog, especially in the initial weeks after adoption. 

What it does?

  • Establishes you as a source of food and all good things in their life.
  • Helps eliminate food aggression in the future.
  • Use this opportunity, to train them on impulse control. Basically get your dog to wait for their food.
  • Helps reinforce the yes & no commands to your dog.
  • It is meant to be fun for both your dog and you. Enjoy it to bond with your pup!Tips on hand feeding your dog


Click here for professional inputs on hand feeding your dog.

However, I strongly recommend, you do get them accustomed to eating on their own too. This will help them get adjusted in any new environment, making them more confident and self assured.

Happy meal times with your puppies forever!



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