Adopting a second

Navigating the introduction of a second dog into your home requires thoughtful consideration and patience.

When we decided on adopting a second dog, it was important to us that the second dog we add to our dog pack, must be okay with our first dog – Beauty. It was a decision taken after Beauty had totally settled into our home. And we decided on bringing home a second dog, just because we couldn’t stop at one! It definitely had nothing to do with Beauty’s needs.

Before adopting a second dog

We did have a few dogs stay with us for days together, while their owners were away. And Beauty was fine with sharing his space. This is when we thought we were ready for our second dog, since Beauty was secure and confident with us. Fostering a dog could also be a good approach to see how comfortable you, as a dog owner would handle a multi-dog household. 

We contacted Second Chance Sanctuary after seeing an instagram post of Bella(second dog). They always put in behavioural notes of the dogs for adoption. This made it easier for us to decide, if we would be able to keep up with Bella’s energy.

A good read before adopting a second dog. And what to do after bringing home a second dog.

Second Chance Sanctuary, graciously had Bella visit our home to see how the two dogs behaved in Beauty’s territory! 

Key points we focused on during their first interaction:

They were introduced outside our home first.

A good number of hours were spent inside our home.

During which time, we noticed both the dogs with relaxed body language.

They both listened to us, if we were correcting them.

Beauty was able to tell Bella off, when he needed the space. And Bella certainly read his message clear.

None of the interactions had any aggression in it.

And just like that…Bella stayed back and became a part of the pack.

After bringing home a second dog

For Bella, recognising all three of us – Soubhik, Beauty and I – as part of her new dog pack seemed pretty instinctive and natural. Beauty of course, took his time, however, was fairly peaceful, though not amused.

Now, while we were concerned for Beauty’s comfort, we also knew that we had to set the rules straight between the two dogs.

We did give a bit more leeway to Beauty, considering he had to share his space & our love with another dog. However, that did  not stop us from correcting him when needed.

And weeks went by before Beauty got comfortable with Bella’s lack of personal space and before Bella understood Beauty’s a bit of an old school dog. She actually listens to him and respects his space, despite their size difference.

The Now

We each have our own dogs for walks, they have their own favourite humans of the house too. All in all, bringing home a second dog was made easy with Beauty & Bella. Their temperaments & energies were at the same level. Though personality wise, they are poles apart and we love that about our dogs! Each one of them bring out a different side of our personalities and give us a different side of their emotions. 

Summing up key points to consider for adopting a second dog:

  • Ensure your first dog has completely settled into your home. They listen to you, respect your house rules and have no behavioural problems that has not been addressed by you.
  • You are adopting a second dog for the love of dogs and not for the first fur baby in the house.
  • Introduce them outside of your home first, before getting them into the house. 
  • Give priority to your first dog for all activities over the second dog, until your new puppy understands your routine and commands.
  • Do all the things you did as a first time dog owner with your first dog, also for your second dog; ensuring they too learn to respect you and your house rules from you.
  • Allow your dogs and yourself, time to settle in with the changes around your home with a new dog.


Happy mutts..happy us!


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