Including organs in a dog’s diet

Unleash the nutritional power of organ meats for your dog's well-being. Our single-ingredient treats from Hungry Eyes offer a natural source of vital nutrients, ensuring your canine companion thrives with every bite.

Including organs in a dog’s diet is beneficial to their health in multiple ways. A general rule for including organs in a dog’s diet  is by keeping the ratio of organs to 10% -25% of their daily food intake . There are organ meats or offals  which are low in fat and high in muscle content, like chicken gizzard, lungs and tripe. These  low fat, high protein organs can also be used as meat replacement in a dog’s diet. Thus taking up the widely known 10% ratio, up to 25% of their daily intake. 

If you are currently not feeding your dog offals, it is best to start with small portions.  Based on how your pooch responds, you can always add a variety of organ meats to their bowl.Benefits of organ meats for dogs. Get going with including organ meats in your dog's diet

Offals are densely packed with vital nutrients, in addition to high quality protein and fat. Including organs in a dog’s diet, provides a rich source of the vitamins A, B, D, E and important minerals like iron, phosphorous, selenium and zinc.

Most organ meats are high in omega 3 fatty acids helping absorb Vitamin D better. Ensuring their bone & muscle health is being nourished through food.

We love feeding healthy dog food that’s also fun. And, including organ in a dog’s diet, is one of the best ways to maintain their overall health. They are the natural food supplements for dogs. Imagine having their basic nutritional requirements like collagen, glucosamine, antioxidants, calcium being simply fed!

Explore our a wide variety of baked organ meats for dogs.

If your dog is suffering from any chronic diseases, please do consult your vet before including organ meats in your dog’s diet regularly.


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