Low carb diet for dogs: The what & who?

Carbohydrates do have their own benefits to dogs, especially puppies. However, there are few dogs who will benefit from a low carb diet for dogs. To set a pretext before we dive deeper, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose in the bloodstream, and glucose fuels inflammation within your dog’s body. Since inflammation is a component of the majority of chronic diseases or chronic conditions, by feeding a low carb dog food, it reduces any inflammation within their body.

Dogs suffering from the below chronic conditions, will benefit from low carb dog foods.Read more about why your pet will benefit from a low carb diet for dogs. At Hungry Eyes, we prepare fresh low carb dog food, available for delivery in Bangalore

Here are some specific examples of when a low-carbohydrate dog food could be particularly useful:

Diabetic dogs

Diabetes occurs when your dog isn’t able to produce effective insulin to lower their glucose levels. Therefore, it’s important not to feed them a high carbohydrate diet, because their insulin demand will be higher.

Arthritic dogs

While arthritis should be managed with pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication, a low-carbohydrate diet can also help. Arthritis is a painful condition that affects your dog’s joints. It can make them feel stiff and sore, and they may limp or become wobbly on their legs. As the condition progresses, they might be unable to walk far or struggle with stairs, and they may reach a point where they struggle to stand.

Dogs with cancer

If your dog has a tumor, regardless of where it is, there’s often inflammation associated with it. A low carbohydrate diet might not take away the tumor or cure the condition, but it could reduce its size and reduce symptoms associated with it.

Dogs with skin allergies

Sadly, allergies can’t be cured, only managed, but a low-carb dog food could help reduce the irritation and soreness. If your dog has skin allergies, they might be very itchy and their skin may be sore. You might regularly notice a rash or redness in their armpit or groin, on their belly, or paws, or under their chin. A diet low in carbohydrates, treats included, is the best food for dog’s with skin allergies.

Heavy dogs

While there are calories in the other food groups too, reducing the carbohydrates in your dog’s diet will help them to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. We always advise increasing the activity levels of heavy dog, however, in cases where it’s not possible, we recommended reducing carbohydrates first, reducing portion size of the meals and if you need to offer treats, go for single ingredient organ treats for dogs, a few of which are also low in fat.

We have curated cooked low carb dog food, based on our experience of preparing food for dogs with different needs over the years and also from our own experience as pet parents to our pooch, who is highly sensitive to starch, triggered by environmental pollutants. If your pooch is similar to a few of our customers & our own dog do give our cooked low carb dog meals a try or try out your homemade puppy food with the vegetables suggested.

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