4 Benefits of bone broth for dogs

There are multiple benefits of Bone broth for dogs, even for cats. Here are four key reasons, you should consider feeding your pet bone broth.
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1. Protects Joints

If you are buying supplements to support your dog with joint problems, which are common in senior dogs and breeds prone to joint related ailments, then you are probably giving them glucosamine, which is naturally occurring in bone broth.

This natural form of glucosamine, found in bone broth, is resistant to digestion, which means that it is absorbed in its intact form. For this reason, the glucosamine in bone broth acts like a hormone, stimulating the cells to lay down protective collagen around the joints, tendons, and ligament.

2. Detoxes the Liver

As hard as we try, it is impossible to stop your puppy from exploring almost everything with their mouth. It is almost certain that they are going to ingest something toxic pretty regularly.

The liver is responsible for filtering out these toxins so that they don’t hurt your dog. But if the liver is constantly bombarded with these toxins, it can be hard for the liver to keep up.

The glycine that occurs naturally in bone broth is detoxifying for the liver.

It can help remove any toxins that may have built up in your dog’s liver and give them a fresh slate to keep protecting your dog from unwanted toxins.

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3. Supports Gut Health and Digestion

Benefits of Bone broth for dogs, especially if your pup has a sensitive stomach.

The lining of the intestines actually contains millions of tiny holes that allow digested nutrients to pass through and enter the body.

But stomach problems can cause these holes to expand, and they can let things through that shouldn’t pass from the gut to the body. Naturally, your dog’s immune system will notice the problem and attack the leaked toxins, leaving your dog feeling unwell.

Bone broth, contains gelatin, which naturally blocks up larger holes in the intestines, preventing this kind of “gut leakage.”

4. Medicates Sick Dogs

If your dog is feeling too unwell to eat, they might not be able to manage solid foods, bone broth can act as an alternative. It is also rich in many of the minerals that your dog will have lost if they have suffered a period of vomiting or diarrhea.

The gelatin in bone broth can reduce their need for protein, which means they won’t waste away or go unfed while they aren’t eating solid food.

Benefits of Bone broth for dogs are multiple and is an excellent addition to their diet, to naturally enhance a dog’s immune system.

Talk to your veterinarian before incorporating bone broth into a dog’s diet, if they’ve been diagnosed with conditions like kidney disease or cancer.


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