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Standard Mutton Meal

Fresh mutton meal for dogs, with 55% chunks of muscle meat. Mutton is healthy red meat option, even for some dogs with sensitive stomachs. Mutton meal for dogs is a great source of dietary fats fibre, which helps sustain energy, especially for young pups. We use vegetables like pumpkin, bottle gourd, carrot, bell pepper. The […]

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Low Protein Mutton

Low protein meals at Hungry Eyes, are meals with 40% cooked protein. We recommend our low protein meals, for dogs suffering from kidney or liver related diseases. In food boxes, the meal stores well ¬†for 5 days in the refrigerator and 15 days in the freezer. Our meals stay fresh for 10 days, when stored […]

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Low Carb Mutton

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Low Carb Mutton

Low carb mutton dog food at Hungry Eyes, are meals with 55% cooked lean pork. We also have a low protein choice (40% cooked protein) to be fed only as advised by a veterinarian. We vegetables like pumpkin, green beans, bottle gourd, carrot and bell pepper. We recommend our low carb dog meals, for dogs […]

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