Pros of feeding dogs fresh food

While kibbles for dogs have been around for decades, feeding dogs fresh food is a practice that’s centuries old! A meat based fresh diet for dogs is the most species appropriate natural food for dogs you could choose.

Explore the advantages of feeding dogs fresh food. A fresh diet for dogs, is the most species appropriate, natural food for dogs.

Kibbles may be a convenient feed, however, kibbles are to dogs, the same way, processed cereals are to our children. There’s something always missing in their bowl.

A few points to consider as a pet parent, before choosing the type of food you want to put in that dog bowl.

Fresh diet for dogs suffering from skin problems

A low carb diet is recommended for dog’s suffering skin problems like yeast infection, atopic dermatitis. Now if you look at the ingredient label of a grain free kibble, it’s highly likely that one of the ingredients will be brewer’s yeast. While brewer’s yeast is great for most dogs, it is strongly recommended to avoid it for dogs with yeast infection.

Choose natural food for dogs with allergies

If your dog is allergic to a specific protein, most kibbles available in the Indian market, hardly mentions the meat used or if your dog’s allergen is strictly not included.

And God help you, if your dog is allergic to eggs….that’s a key ingredient in almost all dog meals, including many brands preparing fresh diet for dogs, with Hungry Eyes as an exception.

Why feeding dogs fresh food is liberating

When you choose to feed your dogs fresh food, you are more in control of the ingredients that go into your dog’s bowl. It helps you observe, how they react to each protein. If their body is reacting negatively to grain or carbohydrates. It gives you more opportunities to explore new and exciting natural dog food.

At Hungry Eyes, we prepare limited ingredient dog foods and this is how it benefits your dog:

  • We cook single protein dog meals. It is ideal to feed individual proteins when you start on a fresh diet for dogs. It helps single out any protein that may cause an allergy to your dog. Basically, an ideal elimination diet for dogs.
  • We do not add supplements to dog meals, so you could choose to add what suits your dog best.
  • If you are looking to include organs in your dog’s diet, we offer plain baked organ meats for dogs.
  • We recommend feeding your dog a variety of meats. We offer plain cooked meats in packaging that is convenient to store.
  • Our bone broths are touted to be the best by dotting Bangalore pet parents. Do check out our insta review highlights for customer reviews.

From our POV…there seems to be only pros to feeding dogs fresh food. No cons neither corns in our fresh diet for dogs!